All items on Svarfdal Design webshop are handcrafted by Kristrún Svarfdal Elíasdóttir.

Prices & services

Svarfdal Design reserves the right to cancel transactions and sales if typos and wrong prices occur. If an item is out of stock and payment has gone through, the customer has the option to wait for restock or receive a full refund.

Prices on website can change without notice.


Repairs & alterations

Svarfdal Design offers free repairs and alterations on all our jewelry.

We however reserve the right to refuse repair request if damages on jewlery are too great.

If jewlery is to be shipped for repair, the customer is responsible for shipping cost.



Purchased items will be sent to the nearest post office.

We offer a choice between a letter postage and a parcel with tracking number.

Íslandspóstur handles delivery.

We do offer customers to pickup purchased items at our workshop at Suðurhella 10, 221 hafnarfjörður.


Delivery Time
Delivery time is 3-5 workdays if items are in stock.

Delivery time for custom orders are by agreement.

Returns and refunds

Deadline for returns is 30 days after purchase.

Shipping cost for returns are the responsibilty of the customer.

If purchased item is flawed the shipping cost will fall to Svarfdal Design.

Be aware that custom orders can neither be returned or changed.

Returns should be sent to our workshop:

Kristrún Svarfdal Elíasdóttir

Suðurhella 10, 221 Hafnarfjörður


Payment options

Svarfdal Design offers payment through paypal and wiretransfer, however note that wiretransfer only applies with Icelandic bank accounts.

Acount information for wire transfer: 

Kristrún Svarfdal Elíasdóttir

Kt: 081285 2419


Receipt sent to kitty@svarfdaldesign.com


Privacy policy

Svarfdal Design respects the privacy of personal information of its customers.

Seller guaranties that all customer information will not go to a third party.

This contract is in accordance to Icelandic law. If an issue arises because of it, it should be brought before the District Court of Reykjavík.


Svarfdal Design

Kristrún Svarfdal Elíasdóttir

Suðurhella 10, 221 Hafnarfjörður

Telephone : 661 6569

Emal: kitty@svarfdaldesign.com

Website: www.svarfdaldesign.com